Monday, June 21, 2010

Meet My Peony Plant...

Do you notice anything wrong with this picture? For the life of me I can't get flowers to bloom out of this. It is now the third summer since I've planted this puppy and I was really thinking that this was going to be the year... no luck! Am I doing something wrong?

On the other hand my Columbines have never looked better and my Delphinium plant in the backyard is going to bloom this year for the first time in three summers too! Still working on a million projects here at the house. I'll post some updates tomorrow.


  1. who know you had such a green thumb. thats fun that you have a garden. do you have any veggies or herbs growing this year? i love fresh basil. you could make a delicious tomato salad.

  2. no veggies - i don't have much luck with them