Tuesday, June 15, 2010

How Now...

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A couple of months ago, we revamped our eating and cooking habits at 315 in an attempt to become more healthy. One of my first orders of business was to go out and find a better yogurt. We had been Dannon people through and through, but I was feeling like we were eating too many artificial flavors and preservatives. So, I went on a month long quest in which I tested as many yogurts as I could find. I really wanted to switch over to Greek yogurt, but have found through extensive testing that the taste of it is not up my alley.
Luckily I came across the Brown Cow brand. Their Cream Top Vanilla and Raspberry Fruit on the Bottom options are sooo good! And they are all natural, free of artificial growth hormone and come in earth friendly packaging. Also, I went to their web site while writing this post and discovered that you can sign up for coupon offers through their site. 

I'm pretty much a complete convert. although I haven't really sold Dan completely on them yet. His favorite so far is the Wallaby Berries and Cream Fruit on the Bottom. I find it good, but it's no Brown Cow.

General Disclaimer: Even though there is probably no one reading this blog except for friends and family, I thought I would just throw it out there that I have received no compensation or incentive to write this post. Sharing is caring people, and I care, okay :)


  1. How many calories is in one of those things?

  2. Most of the single serves are between 150 and 170 calories. Why... are you worried about your figure? ;)

  3. This doesn't happen by accident