Saturday, June 19, 2010


Today my sister is 23! She is the youngest in the family so the fact that she is now 23 makes me feel like life is going by way too quickly. If digital film was around back in the late 80s I would for sure be posting a ton of pictures today of my sister in her famous bowl haircut, but fortunately for her I have not gotten around to transferring all of our film negatives to the computer.

Charlie is a big fan of her in whatever haircut she has, but I know if he had seen her in the bowl cut that would have been his favorite too.

Melissa is the most thoughtful and organized of all of the Maxon children. She is also a really excellent cook. In fact you can see some of her recipes on her blog (which she needs to start posting on again).
Even though I haven't seen her in what seems like a million years, we are closer than ever and I know that one day she'll move to the same state that I'm in (right?). Also she is pretty too! See...

Happy Birthday Melis!! Love you


  1. Aw, very cute. Love you too Ash. Hoping to come home a weekend in July when you will be there too...i'm going to look at tickets tomorrow. ill fill you in soon... and maybe pop a blog post or two out as well

  2. Oh good - try to come the weekend of the 15th if you can. I'll be wedding free that weekend :)

  3. oh, and why is it that i'm moving to to the same state that you're in. why can't you move to the one i'm in. just because you're older doesn't mean you get to pick the state.

  4. it's because the state that I am in has better weather and much much lower cost of living :)