Monday, May 23, 2011

San Diego, Take Two

While I did not get to go see Shamu in San Diego, we did head over to Balboa Park one afternoon. It was so pretty!
I think this was the biggest tree I have ever seen! Unfortunately our photo in front of it made us look like ghosts.
The Spanish style architecture in California is so beautiful.
The buildings throughout the park were completely amazing.
Unfortunately we went to the park on a Monday, and we found out that pretty much everything inside the park is closed that day of the week.
We were able to get inside of this open air greenhouse though.

Seeing these photos again after over a month makes me want to head back.

Dan pretty much wanted to pack his bags and live the life of a beach bum during this trip, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind.
However, next time we are definitely going to see Shamu.

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