Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Giant Ship with Fighter Planes aka... A Boy's Playground

So with all of the running talk and training that has been happening, I have neglected to post about some of the other stuff that I have been up to over the past few months.

While last year's Spring Break trip to Cabo will be a hard one to beat, we still managed to have an awesome vacation on a much more limited budget. This year, we spent part of the week in beautiful San Diego. What a great city! Neither of us had ever been before and we loved it! We pretty much ate and drank our way through it and had the best time. Our friend's Mike and Anne were out there with us and we had so much fun. One day, while Anne was at law school, the boys and I went on a tour of the USS Midway. It was a H-U-G-E ship (a crotchety old man got upset with us when Mike called it a boat), and it was interesting to see how people lived aboard it as it floated around from war to war.
Just to warn you, Dan and Mike had a lot of fun with make believe during this tour.
These are the bunks that crew had to sleep in. I felt really bad for anyone with even the slightest bit of claustrophobia, because there was not much room at all.
Of course, Dan got locked up in the ship's Brig
and had fun taking the wheel where ever possible.
we thought this slogan was funny.
Look at how pretty San Diego is!

don't I look good in a captain's chair?
I think Mike is telling Dan to watch out for a giant iceberg in this one ;)
who knows ;)
If you ever are out in San Diego, I would totally recommend going to see this cool piece of US history. Just be sure to bring a bunch of guys. They make it much more entertaining.

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