Sunday, April 11, 2010

Our Cabo Buddy

So Dan and I got back from our Cabo trip a week or so ago and had the best time. I'll try to create a few posts over the next few days about our adventures. We took a million pictures and had so much fun.
We did stowaway an extra passenger on our trip... Meet Flat Penguin Whitney:

One of my coworker's daughters created a Flat Stanley character in her likeness (which seems to be  bit distorted, since she made a Penguin), and we took her to Cabo so that she could see some of the world. We made sure that she came along on a few of our adventures. This is what her week looked like...

We hung out by the Sea of Cortez

FPW channeled Pam Anderson and had a moment with one of those buoy rescue devices
She also made the most of her time at the Beach and got buried in the sand.

Afterward we made sure to treat ourselves for all of our hard work to buckets of Modelo overlooking the ocean :)
We also spent some time at the desert...

All in all it was great trip and FPW went home with some photo reminders of how much fun she had :)


  1. wow. is this for real? i never thought you would be the person posing a paper penguin and taking photos. whatever floats your (cabo) boat!

    i'm glad you guys had a great time :)

  2. of course it's for real! I can't make something like Flat Penguin Whitney up because I am not that creative :)