Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sad Puppy

Lately the happiest member of our household has not been that happy. Charlie has been getting hot spots lately that he will not leave alone. He has learned to be very sneaky about it and I've had to resort to.... THE CONE!!
He has a a really long face, so I had to go out and get the biggest possible cone I could find. The other morning I let him outside in it while the sprinklers were going and this is what greeted me when I let him back in.

 He is so sad looking in that cone and he has no control over it whatsoever so he is bumping into everything! Hopefully the cone will take care of our hot spot issue so that we can remove the cone for good and get our happy pup back 24/7.

PS: See the fence in the background of that photo... Dan and I are trying to decide between repainting the fence white or staining it a wood color. We can't decide... any thoughts?


  1. omg this is hilarious! i miss my gentle giant!

    eric was looking at this with me and he thinks you should re-paint the fence white. he said it will be a lot more work to strip the fence and stain in.

  2. Eric is right, I started to strip the fence and it has taken FORever! I think I'll probably just repaint it white, even though it's not really my favorite style. Want to come to Colorado and help me paint it!!?

  3. only if you'll come to nyc and help me find a tiny apartment to live in!!