Saturday, June 27, 2009


Last weekend we had one of Charlie's friends spend the night while his family was partying it up at a wedding. Redford is a one year old golden retriever and he was a party animal while he was here.

I took the video below of them playing in the yard, which I think is pretty funny as Charlie probably has 50 pounds on Redford, but still manages to be the wimpy one during play time (also please disregard the grass issues in my yard, it's a work in progress):

I'm pretty sure if reincarnation is for real, that exceptionally good people are rewarded and come back as golden retrievers because they are the happiest things ever.

After our day and a half long play date, Charlie did a lot of this:

It can be exhausting to be so fun!

As a side note, I promise I'll start posting about things other than my dog after this post. He just offers such good material!

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