Sunday, February 28, 2010

Oooh Mexico! It sounds simple I just got to go...

Yup that's right, we're going on vacation, and not for a wedding or a holiday, and not to visit anyone we know! This is a big deal and I am so excited.

We are jetting off in a few weeks to the beautiful shores of Cabo San Lucas. You can see what Dan and I will look like while we're there in the photo above (and yes, I will look that good in a bikini ;-). It's still a few weeks away, but we are really excited and will be dreaming of the beach and the pool and the warm weather as the trip approaches. If any of my many readers have recommendations on restaurants to eat at, or things to do or see while we're there, please let me know. Now I'm off to listen to Jimmy Buffet's "Mexico," because it's been making me pretty happy with this trip on the horizon!

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