Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Poor Monty!

A few weeks ago Monty had to go for a little ride to the mechanic.
It turns out that when you're 11 years old, things start to fall apart a little bit.
Don't worry, he's back up and running now, but not exactly good as new. We have some upgrades to make on the poor guy and we may be trading Dan's car in and letting him drive Monty exclusively in the next few months. Which means, I'm in the market for a new ride.
I've already let Dan know that because we are saving for our future beach house I will sacrifice for a few more years and avoid putting myself in a Cayenne.
I'm pretty sure that makes me girlfriend of the year, right?

Seriously though, what should I get? I think I am leaning toward a lease and I kind of like the idea of a smaller SUV, but since I have not been thinking about getting a new car at all, I am sort of open to anything.

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