Monday, April 4, 2011

Lucky Number 7

Seven years ago today, Dan and I had our first date.
I wasn't too sure of him at that point in time, but after a lot of persistence and quite a few dates, he ended up winning me over :)
I know that Dan looks at those days as pretty much the luckiest time of his life... right hun?
Looking back, it feels like forever ago and not very long ago all at the same time.
In seven years, we've moved across the country with each other, been through various jobs, bought our first home, done a million and five home improvement projects on said home, taken many a road trip through the plain states between Colorado and Michigan, traveled to exotic and not so exotic, but fun locales, seen plenty of concerts, attended too many weddings to count, and raised our pride and joy Charlie boy!
Not too bad for 7 years if I do say so myself!
In many respects, we are total opposites, but I think that is one of the main things that makes us such a good fit.
He reminds me pretty much all of the time to slow down and take things a bit less seriously.
And I can always count on him to have made coffee in the morning (a highly desirable trait in my book). 
He is hardworking and diligent...
a dedicated teacher and coach....
a creative spirit...

and my very best friend. (Even if getting a smile out of him for pictures can be a task.)
We make a great team,
and we're lucky to have each other.

Love you D.
Cheers to lucky number 7.

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